Best Real Estate Open House Scripts + Open House scripts PDF

By Johnny Sebastian • Updated: 11/30/22 • 5 min Read
Best Real Estate Open House Scripts + Open House scripts PDF

Hosting an open house serves the dual purpose of marketing your listing and marketing yourself as a real estate agent to potential clients. To make the most of it, you will want to prospect to area homeowners before the open house and diligently follow up afterward.

Meanwhile, at the open house, a good real estate open house script will ensure you get their contact details before they slip away, including email addresses and phone numbers.

Be sure you are prepared before your open house with your open house sign-in sheet or software.

Before the Open House: Inviting People Real Estate Open House Scripts

Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward is the owner of Yesmasters and script guru.

He has the below door-knocking script for utilizing with your open house.

Hi. My name is [NAME] with [BROKERAGE]. I wanted to drop by and let you know about an open house event we are going to be having over on [STREET] this [DAY] for the [NAME]. I wanted to invite you to come by and take a look and also to find out who you know that would like to move into our area.

  • Fantasitc, well I look forward to seeing you there. Just out of curiosity, when do you think you might be ready to make a move?
  • Wow. How long have you lived here?
  • Great. Where did you move from?
  • Good for you! So what brought you to this area?
  • Excellent! If you were to move again, where do you think you’d go like next?
  • Well that’s exciting! And how soon would you like to do that?
  • Terriffic! Well it sounds like our next step would be to set up a time to get together and take a look at the best way to make all that happen for you so you can get to [DESTINATION] by [DATE]. Won’t that be exciting?
  • Fantastic. So which would be the best time for us to get together, [DAY 1] at [TIME 1] or [DAY 2] at [TIME 2]?

Ricky Carruth

Instead of door-knocking around an open house, Ricky Carruth talks about using REDX (or another dialer with circle prospecting options) to call homes in the surrounding area.

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  • Hey [NAME], this is [NAME] at [BROKERAGE], how are you doing today?
  • Cool, look, I don’t want to take up too much of your time today, but I’m doing an open house in your neighborhood tomorrow and I didn’t know if you wanted to stop by or if there were anything else in the world I could do for you?

You then take the conversation through naturally to set the appointment!

During the Open House

Dan Beer

Dan is with Agent Academy and has an interesting twist on how to welcome open-house visitors.

Welcome them by asking them if they have an appointment!

He suggests that this can increase the sense of obligation to sign in and implicitly suggests it is a privilege to even be in the home.

Hey I’m [NAME], thanks for coming. Did you have an appointment with us today?

  • Okay, well in that case go ahead and sign in right here.


Borino, the real estate coach, keeps his script short, polite, but direct. The goal is that your visitors don’t get in and out without capturing their contact information.

This isn’t just a best practice for getting leads but staying accountable for the visitors to your sellers.

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Thank you very much for stopping by. Would you please fill out the guest registry completely and make sure it’s legible. Thank you.

Follow-Up Script After the Open House

Kelly Cook – Open House Follow Up Script pdf

Kelly at the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group, suggests that the critical element of influential open houses is to stand out. You do that by being different.

In his case, being different means a three-prong strategy of following up with a video text, email, and phone call the subsequent day.

His scripts are not intended to be recited verbatim but conversationally.

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  • VIDEO TEXT: Hey this is [NAME] with [BROKERAGE]. Guys, thank you so much for coming to my open house. I know your time is valuable and I really appreciating your taking the time to stop by and see this house. I would really like to help you guys out if there’s ever anything I can ever do for you. Please call me at [PHONE NUMBER]. Otherwise, we’ll be in touch! Have a great day!
  • OPEN HOUSE FOLLOW-UP EMAIL: Thank you so much again for coming to my open house. I took the liberty to send you properties in the area. Now I don’t know exactly what you are looking for but I want to keep it general to start with. Based on your feedback to this email, I will definitely tweak the criteria and narrow it down for you so you have a good sample set of properties to choose from. Let me know if I can help! Thank you so much!
  • PHONE: Did you receive my email from last night? What did you think? What can I do better for you?

Julie Youngblood

Julie is a coach with a simple script for calling and following up with open-house leads. A quick into the LPMAMA script.

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  • Hey, this is [NAME].
  • [NAME]?
  • Yeah, [NAME], I met you at the open house on [DAY]. Well, I just wanted to follow up. Did you end up buying a home?
  • No

Final word

Scripts are a small part of ensuring your open house is a success. Check out my Ultimate Guide to Open Houses if they are a critical pillar to your lead generation success.