Best Auto Dialer for Real Estate

The top real estate agents dial the phone.

If you look at the lead generation techniques of the top teams, you’ll find many who diligently work on expireds and FSBOs. Even cold calling works.

Dialers make that process more efficient. A good dialer will let you make 30-80 calls in an hour. With the correct list, script practice, and a can-do attitude, your lead pipeline will be healthy and full.

Many of these auto dialers also offer lists to call. Some have quality leads, while others are best used for the dialer while you get your list elsewhere.

Top Real Estate Auto Dialers



ArchAgent is the series of products for Arch Telecom, an Austin based telemarketing software company. Its most prominent feature is the ArchAgent PowerDialer. It includes additional

Espresso Agent

Espresso Agent

Espresso Agent is a real estate dialer and marketing tool. They sell complete packages of lists with a CRM, dialer, and email marketing tool. Their email marketing includes the ability to send video emails via StoryTellr. Their lists include FSBOs, expireds, and neighborhood geofarming.



Kixie is a smaller and newer player but has direct integrations with existing real estate CRMs like Contactually. It’s an affordable starting point and an option worth considering for agents who want simple “click-to-call” functionality.



Mojo Selling Solutions is one of the top picks in the industry for a high-volume power dialer. It is a fairly expensive option, but the Triple Line Dialer will get you through your prospecting calls like a maniac. It might be best to get your list somewhere else, but the dialer is one of the most highly thought of in the industry. Consider Mojo Dialer if you are making dialing a central pillar of your business.



Formerly SalesDialers, ProspectBoss offers a 1, 3, or 4-line power dialer as well as a diverse selection of lists to purchase. The lists include FSBOs, expireds, circle prospecting, and mobile phone numbers. You can also purchase text marketing packages. Landvoice uses ProspectBoss, the FSBO/Expired list service.



ReminderMedia is a provider of high-quality media content for use in your marketing efforts. Their flagship product is American Lifestyle magazine, which prominently features you and your information. Their content can also be easily repurposed for social media, and includes email campaigns with local events.



Ricoh Tours is a subsidiary of the Ricoh 360 camera maker. They sell an entire 360 kit as well as their affordable monthly subscription for easily producing and sharing real estate virtual tours.



The Vulcan7 power dialer is a well-reviewed tool that provides FSBO, expired, neighborhood, and probate lists. It also has a CRM backend and email and video marketing tools. Vulcan7 dialer pricing is $349/mo.

Alternative Auto Dialers for Real Estate

Some other real estate phone dialers that do not specifically target the real estate industry include:

  • ArchAgent
  • CallHub
  • Five9
  • Leadsrain
  • Phoneburner
  • Virtudial

Types of Auto Dialers for Real Estate

There are different types of dialers. The most common are power dialers and predictive dialers.

Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers call people automatically and then put them on hold if a sales agent isn’t available. It is “predicting” the volume that the number of sales agents on the floor will be able to handle and call conversion rate and setting its call volume based on that.

Predictive dialing is standard in low-investment outreach like political canvassing and would be a terrible method for real estate. Real estate is a high-dollar transaction, and predictive dialing is a poor experience. None of the real estate-specific dialers here is a predictive dialer.

Power Dialers

Instead, there are power dialers, also called progressive dialers, which call only when an agent (you or your sales team) is ready to answer the call when someone picks up. The power auto-dials a specific list, and you wait for a pickup! You can leave pre-recorded messages that go to potential clients’ answering machines if they don’t pick up.

Single-line vs Multi-line Dialer

Multiline dialers like Mojo call multiple people at once and will connect you with the first who answers. The other calls that might still be ringing would then be canceled while you engage with your live prospect.

It’s a method of making more calls per hour and engaging prospects more instead of waiting for one to pick up.

Lists or Dialers?

Many dialer companies will partner with list companies to resell their lists. For example, FSBOs, Expired listings, old expired listings (homeowners who listed but didn’t sell, say, a year ago and haven’t sold since), tenants, landlords, probates, and geofarm cold calling.

The reality of the cell phone age is that these lists are hard to make and usually inaccurate. Dialing is a numbers game in the end, and it takes patience and persistence.

If it is just a list of people or phone numbers, you can also get those from other list sources like ReboGateway or the popular Cole Realty.

Landvoice vs RedX

This is one of the most extensive real estate FSBO/Expired space rivalries. Landvoice was even founded by a former RedX partner. Why isn’t Landvoice here? Because Landvoice is a lead service, not a dialer.

So if you are interested in the Landvoice system, you can either use just it or pair it with one of the dialers above.

Built-In Dialers

Some CRMs have dialers or phone call abilities built-in as well. Examples include kvCORE and LionDesk. These built-in dialers allow you to call directly from your CRM but may not have the versatility and features of third-party dialers like those above.

These dialers might help you keep in touch with your database and funnel. But if you are dialing and prospecting lists, they will generally be inadequate compared to professional dialers.

What to Look for in a Dialer

The most essential thing in any software is good UI. If the software isn’t usable, you won’t use it, and you’ve wasted money. The only way to get a feel for that is to take a few for a test drive.

Depending on your need, you may want a system with good integrations with your existing CRM.

You also want a dialer that rigorously supports you with the Do-Not-Call list and all other Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules and regulations. Compliance is ultimately your responsibility, not your dialer’s, though good dialers have integrated DNC lists that will flag numbers on the list for you.

Common extra features to look for in a dialer include:

  • SMS texting. It’s the 2020s! Instead of leaving a voicemail, some dialers have texting features to get the most reach out of your database.
  • call recording. Especially if you are a sales manager on a team, the ability to record some conversations can be important both for training and other issues.
  • CRM and lead management. Some dialers are plug-and-play with your existing tech stack, while some have their backend with basic CRM functionality to manage your outreach.
  • lists. Dialers may have lists you can purchase, or you can buy your own. The typical pairing is the Mojo Dialer with Cole Realty’s lists.
  • landline calling. You’ll see some dialers advertise copper lines. This is related to call clarity and connectivity. This is superior to alternatives like VOIP (e.g. Google Voice/Hangouts) as you’re less likely to suffer call issues.
  • pre-recorded voicemails. For all the calls which didn’t pick up, there’s no reason to let that contact go to waste. Good dialers allow you to leave voicemails for prospects that don’t pick up.
  • caller ID. For agents calling across multiple area codes, some dialers allow you to dynamically set your area code to that of your prospect.
  • email marketing. While you’re dialing folks, why not email them as well? Well, there are some excellent reasons not to buy email lists, but if that is your thing, some dialers or list services can provide these and email marketing tools.

Outsource It

ISA and outbound phone prospecting services can accomplish your dialing for you if you are inclined.

Final word

If you have patience and persistence, list leads and cold-calling work. It’s grueling, but a good dialer will make the process as smooth as possible as you work both inbound and outbound leads.

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