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Best Complete Real Estate Platforms

Real estate agent platforms are website providers that offer packaged website and backend solutions. While equipped with plenty of integrations, these are generally designed to be all-in-one systems on which your business is built.

That is different than real estate website providers and designers who focus narrowly on your website.

There are dozens of real estate platforms. You can see a complete list in my technology directory. I’ve chosen to focus on some of the most popular choices used by agents, teams, and brokerages today.

Top Software


Real Geeks

$249+/mo. Real Geeks is affordable enough to work for individual agents. In fact, they specifically market to single agents and small teams. But it still has a complete CRM and PPC package and can work for larger teams or even brokerages as well. Unlike some of the others, it also has some great SEO potential. It is a very competitive option for agents.



$499+ and $500+ setup. Chime is an all-in-one platform designed for real estate teams, large and small. They feature a flexible website, versatile and feature-rich CRM, listing manager, and transaction management system. They also can conduct your paid lead generation for you.


Real Estate Webmasters

$300+/mo. A Canadian company and the premium real estate website service in the space. Real Estate Webmasters is not cheap. But they also deliver, with their websites reliably outranking the competition on Google with the best SEO game by far.



$750+ setup; $1000+/mo. BoomTown is a favorite in the industry, known for its robust paid lead generation. It is one of the more expensive products, designed for top producing teams and brokerages who are ready to work the phone.



$295+/mo. Ylopo is an innovative platform with a focus on social media leads. They have a unique program for serving dynamic ads based on your listings and audience. They have aesthetic websites that are unique among real estate sites in that they are built on Squarespace. They’re a strong contender if you are wanting to transparently leverage social media spending for your business.



$99.99+/mo. Brivity is a customer relationship manager that puts the emphasis on the buyer and seller experience. It features customer-centered tools like a CMA, listing marketing, and even a client portal. It is the flagship product of the Ben Kinney empire of real estate technology tools, and a popular choice for some of the top teams in America.

Commissions Inc (CINC)

$1500+/mo. CINC is a full marketing, website, CRM platform that also emphasizes brokerage-wide tools like agent accountability, tracking conversion rates, and reporting. Like BoomTown, it is designed for paying for and converting internet leads.


$299+/mo. Kunversion is a complete real estate platform designed for real estate teams and brokerages, as well as their lender partners. Kunversion is part of Inside Real Estate, which includes other brokerage tools like Circlepix and Brokersumo. It has a surprisingly large number of tools and toys for the price.

Sierra Interactive

$250+ setup, $399/mo. Sierra Interactive is a small company that builds a full-service brokerage and team product including one of the better website offerings for SEO. Their website product includes a CRM, brokerage reporting, managed PPC campaign offerings, and even an integrated dialer. It is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable website platform that can rank on Google.

Other Real Estate Platform Options

There is a huge list of real estate platforms out there. I’ve tried to narrow it down to some of the top products on the market today. Over time, I will add more reviews and the list will change. Some “honorable mentions” that eventually might be able to squeeze onto my list include popular or well-known options like:

  • Agentjet
  • Buying Buddy
  • Chime
  • Curaytor
  • Delta Media Group
  • Firepoint
  • Great Agent
  • iFoundAgent
  • Market Leader
  • Market Maker
  • Masterdigm CRM
  • Naberly Solutions
  • Onjax
  • Perfect Storm
  • ProAgentWebsites
  • RealSavvy
  • REfindly
  • Reliance Network
  • TorchX
  • Total Expert CRM
  • Z57
  • ZipperAgent
  • Zurple

Included Elsewhere

Agent Websites

Platforms are all-in-one software. Therefore, this list does not include website-focused solutions like:

  • AgentFire
  • Easy Agent Pro
  • Home Junction
  • iHOUSEweb
  • Placester
  • Realtyna
  • WebsiteBox
  • Wolfnet

Brokerage Back Offices

Many brokerages use all-in-one platforms for their business. Some of these have great team management tools and transaction management features. But they are not designed first and foremost as brokerage back offices. Some of those companies include:

  • BackAgent
  • Brokermint
  • Brokersumo
  • BrokerWOLF
  • MoxiWorks
  • Paperless Pipeline

Should You Use a Real Estate Platform?

Pros of All-In-One Platforms

These platforms are simple and easy to use, often involving far less setup and technical skills than trying to integrate numerous different pieces of software.

While the platforms are more expensive, you don’t have to buy subscriptions to nearly as many pieces of software as you would if you were piecing things together (e.g. website, CRM, email marketing, hosting, design, etc).

These companies have also spent significant time optimizing their software for specific business models. Why reinvent the wheel if that is your business model?

Alternatives to All-In-One Platforms

But I am also a believer that it is difficult for a single platform to do many things well. Sometimes it is best when a company focuses on a single thing that they do well and then integrate with the best-in-class solutions in other categories.

For example, I might think Dakno Marketing makes the best websites. And Realvolve makes the best CRM. And Agent Legend the best email marketing. And IDX Broker is one of the best IDX providers. I can use all these tools – the best in each category if I build my own site and solution.

For those with this philosophy, you might want to explore a WordPress solution with a website developer/designer. The WordPress platform is very flexible, and you can scale it with your business whether starting out as a single agent or a major enterprise. Moreover, you aren’t committing yourself to a single developer, CRM, PPC campaign management, etc.

Final word

Ultimately, this is all my opinion (especially anything about the design of a website). All of these companies offer interviews and demos of their product, and I highly recommend testing several that you think might fit your business model. Hopefully, this has helped point you towards the best real estate platform for your business needs.

Any thoughts and comments, I would love to hear at our Facebook group, the Tech Enabled Real Estate Agent. You can also search these products and learn more about which is the best option for you and your business!