Best Referral Marketing Software for Realtors

Real estate is a referral business!

Most agents, and especially top agents, still get the majority of their real estate business from client referrals. There is lots of material online and from coaches on how to perfect your word-of-mouth marketing, including client appreciation events and lots of pies.

But what about software? There are a few extra pieces of technology that are focused on helping agents stay connected in a meaningful way with their happy customers.

Each does it in a slightly different way, whether it’s providing actionable home market reports, sending beautifully designed and branded print materials, or a list of “what’s sold” in the neighborhood.

Ultimately, these are extras. None will take a non-existent referral marketing strategy and turn it into gold. You have to work your database.

But they can be a nice extra touch depending on your model, to provide value consistent with your brand.



Evabot's Eva Gifting Assistant offers an easy way for clients to find the perfect gift for someone special. The client interface includes information about the recipient's interests, so the gift box can be personalized with your company's logo.



The HomeKeepr referral app is a great way to keep your past clients in mind and to refer invite-only vendors in your market. It provides them with monthly maintenance tips and referral opportunities, so you can continue to provide quality service to your customers.



View Other Referral Marketing Services ReminderMedia is a publishing company that keeps you in front of past clients. They offer a range of products, the foremost


CRMs and Platforms

The CRM is where your customer relationships live, past and present. Your CRM will have a lot of important features in maintaining your referral marketing.

The best known CRM referral marketing tool is Top Producer’s Market Snapshot. This is an oldie-but-goodie monthly market update that can be sent to past clients from their system.

All CRMs have referall marketing tools, even if it is as simple as a follow-up after closing drip campaign. But a few CRMs have made referrals and relationship building the core of their identity, including:

Final word

Referrals and repeat business should always be one of the pillars of your lead generation. Don’t neglect it!

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