Best Real Estate Email Marketing Services

You don’t own Facebook. You don’t own Google. You don’t own Zillow. You might not even own your own website.

If your lead generation relies on one of the above, you are renting your lead generation, not owning it.

Do you have a list of emails, though? That is something you can own.

Step up your marketing with a real estate email marketing service that will assist you in automating and, more importantly, nurturing leads with real estate drip campaigns.

Building your CRM database full of past and potential clients who have permitted you to engage with them is the core of building a disruption-proof business. Facebook can’t change the rules. Zillow can’t stop sending you leads. Google can’t unrank your website. You have the power.

Marketing your database attractively and effectively is critical to make the most of the database you’ve built. Email marketing software can help!

Top Email Marketing for Real Estate

Agent Legend

Agent Legend

Agent Legend is a lead nurturing system that emails and texts your leads trying to. It is sort of a hybrid between an email marketing service and an ISA service that follows up with your leads. Consider Agent Legend if you want to outsource your drip campaigns for your colder leads.



Aweber is a business email marketing tool that allows you to set up sophisticated email campaigns. Aweber has sophisticated reporting enabling you to track deliverability rates and contact engagement. It includes tools that let you split test emails and build funnels.



BombBomb is unique on this list because it focuses on video emails. Yes, it can operate as your regular email marketing platform, but it is designed for agents who want their messages to include easy-deliverable videos. You can quickly take videos with your phone or more premium productions and send them to your contact list to maximize engagement.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing system that offers various features, including surveys, dynamic content, and more. It features what you expect in an email marketing tool like A/B split testing, email series based on subscriber behavior, and tracking features. They also offer marketing software for landing pages, Google and Facebook Ads, and even websites.

Happy Grasshopper

Happy Grasshopper

Happy Grasshopper is an email and postcard marketing system that attempts to contact your database in your voice and tone. They have customization options for folks who want the automated system but a hand in tailoring it for their audience, with an eye towards authenticity.



Mailchimp is an established email marketing service for small businesses. Their campaigns are highly customizable and can be quite sophisticated. It is a strong candidate to manage your email newsletters and campaigns professionally to ensure high deliverability.



OutboundEngine sends out emails for you twice monthly with content they generate for you. The emails direct your contacts to landing pages where they can easily reach out when needed. OutboundEngine does more than just email marketing, but also posts and curates content for your Facebook. They bought ReadyChat, which they also use on their landing pages.



SendPulse does more than just email marketing. They also have push notifications for your clients and visitors to download to help push your content, SMS marketing, and Facebook chatbot tools.

Other Real Estate Email Marketing Services

Other email marketing software not included here includes:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • Robly
  • ActivePipe

CRMs and Platforms

Sometimes your CRM can handle a fair amount of email marketing on its own, including mass emails, tracking open rates, and templates.

For example, Curaytor is a real estate platform specializing in social media and email marketing and has several appealing tools for building emails, tracking open rates, conversion, etc.

Why use email marketing software when most of these tools are perfectly capable of running a drip campaign?

Email marketing tools are usually more sophisticated, including options to split test emails, dynamic content and triggers, better automation tools, and higher open rates. And, of course, the done-for-you email marketing promises to do a better job than you could be wielding just a CRM yourself.

Needless to say, email marketing shouldn’t be the first purchase for a newbie agent. But for something with a sizable client database struggling to keep it engaged or trying to take its game to the next level, email marketing software might make sense.

Newsletters and Home Value Reports

Lastly, this doesn’t include email newsletter tools like Top Producer’s Market Snapshot.

One favorite tool of mine is Tidings, which takes your Facebook posts and automatically creates a straightforward newsletter from your feed to blast out to your email list. A great way to kill two birds with one stone! This is an excellent email marketing service for real estate agents.

Home value reports like Homebot, Homebeat, and ListReports can keep your database engaged by tracking market activity and home equity.

Real Estate Drip Campaigns

Most CRMs come with drip email campaign templates and email marketing tools to stay in touch with past clients and engage new leads.

It’s tough to balance automation with authenticity. Someone who logged into your website might expect to get a series of welcome emails in a campaign, but the person who just reached out to you by phone about a condo might be put off if they’re also getting emails from you about new construction for sale.

It is crucial to automate as little as practical while maintaining the tempo to stay top-of-mind and convert hotter leads. Email marketing services can help craft targeted messages that best suit your buyer or seller journey. The best real estate email marketing services for agents make real estate drip campaigns a breeze.

These email tools are also helpful for niche use cases, as well. Your CRM may handle most of your communications, but you may need a good email marketing tool for a giveaway promotion to allow folks to opt in. Or perhaps you can use it for your charity event RSVPs and confirmations.

Final word

Real estate agents don’t need email marketing software after getting their license. Good ole’ Gmail and the CRM will suffice for the time being.

But as you learn to perfect your funnel and grow your database of past clients, you’ll want more sophisticated tools to get the most out of your business, and a solid email-marketing tool might be just what’s needed.

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