Best Online Real Estate Schools

Online real estate education is a popular choice for those launching their career in real estate. Course requirements vary by state and are usually required before taking the state exam. If you are already licensed in another state, your state might have reciprocity, and you can save time and money on your education!

Real estate exams aren’t easy! I barely passed, and I know many agents who took it multiple times before finally passing. Getting the right provider who meets your learning style is essential!

Some of these companies provide in-class instruction as well. Others partner with networks of independent instructors, share course materials, and more.

Below are the contenders for your business if you are looking for online real estate classes for your pre-licensing or post-licensing continuing education.

Best Online Real Estate School Contenders



AceableAgent, from Aceable, provides real estate education in 7 states. It has a small selection of CE and SAE for New York and Texas.

Champions School of Real Estate

Champions School of Real Estate

Champions is a Texas real estate school that offers self-paced online education and in-class instruction. They also provide online CE in Oklahoma and Florida.

Kaplan Real Estate School

Kaplan Real Estate School

Kaplan offers a licensing course and CE in all 50 states and DC. They offer not only on-demand online education but live-online instructor-led courses.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express offers real estate licensing courses in 27 states as well as first-year SAE courses. They offer continuing education through their Superior Real Estate School affiliated business and work directly with local “Allied Schools” providers around the country for in-person instruction.

The CE Shop

The CE Shop

The CE Shop is an online real estate school that offers CE and exam prep in all 50 states and pre-licensing courses in 40 states. They also partner with local real estate school instructors to provide educational content.

More Online Real Estate Schools

Some other lesser-known online real estate schools include that we have not yet reviewed include:

  • 360 Training
  • CA Realty Training (CA)
  • Chamberlain Real Estate Schools (CA)
  • Real Estate Trainers
  • Real Estate U
  • Tony Mesa Real Estate School (FL)

How to Choose an Online Real Estate School

The first limitation when choosing a school is ensuring they provide education for your state.

Next, select a program that has the features that best fit your education needs. Some possible features that are worth investigating and are not common to all programs include the following:

  • “No Pass, No Pay”
  • Practice Exams
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Instructor-led
  • Includes SAE (TX) or continuing education

Final word

Hopefully, these online real estate courses will set you on the right path to becoming a successful real estate agent!

Separately, I wrote this oldie (but still relevant!) article for Inman on the seven things I recommend doing after getting your license:

  • Get your GRI
  • Attend your state (or national!) convention
  • Start listening to podcasts
  • Start your website
  • Find a mentor
  • Get an accountant (and good software like Realtyzam)
  • Subscribe to Inman

You also probably want to join some of the best Facebook groups like Lab Coat Agents and more.

These are all things I wish I had done early in my real estate career and did far more for me than any real estate course I took. Please don’t make my mistakes! Get (and stay) educated!

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