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Best Social Media Tools for Realtors

Was your last Facebook post months ago? Can’t remember the password to your LinkedIn profile? Or maybe you just need a better way of managing or scaling your social media efforts across multiple platforms? Want to impress your boss with buzzwords like “omnichannel marketing”?

Your problems are not unique among Realtors, and there are many great tools out there to help you crush real estate social media marketing.

In addition to the popular business solutions, there are some services specifically designed with real estate agents in mind. Some can do more than just enable your social media and can take over your entire digital marketing presence.

Whether you want something to fully automate your social media or just empower your own social media efforts, there are tools you will want to use.

Here are a few systems to explore using to take your social media game to the next level.

Top Software

Back at You

$75+/mo. An affordable place to start, Back At You Media will automate your social media posts and footprints on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They post not only local content but also listings from your local real estate market MLS that lead to landing pages where you can capture leads. Back At You Media is a great option for agents who want to keep their social media account looking alive and open for business.

Not Real Estate Specific


FREE+. Buffer is an easy DIY way to schedule posts across all the major social media platforms. A starter account is free. Consider Buffer if you want to be more hands-on and curate content yourself, and just an easy way to synchronize it across several platforms.


FREE+/mo. Hootsuite is similar to Buffer as a DIY multi-channel scheduling system, but with more reporting features. It’s a little more complex but a powerful and customizable way to populate all your social media channels in a single place. Consider Hootsuite if you are a team or are a more sophisticated social media master.

Sprout Social

$99+/mo. Sprout Social is a powerful dashboard with great analytics, including a smart-scheduler. It even includes a CRM feature for managing and engaging your social network. Consider Sprout Social if you have the budget for an all-in-one DIY platform that is both easy-to-use and comprehensive.

More Social Media Marketing Tools

Other real estate social media management companies include:

Full Marketing Agencies

The companies above make social media their primary calling card, even when they bleed over into digital marketing more broadly.

Some companies are full service, end-to-end marketing companies that include your social media game. Examples include:

CRMs and Platforms

Some CRMs and Platforms have robust and useful social media marketing components that help inform or automate your social media strategy.

These are mostly DIY and won’t likely replace the solutions above. But they can have very useful tools for real estate agents to integrate into your social media strategy. Some of the best examples with great social media tools include:

Email Marketing

Closely related to social media marketing is email marketing and newsletter content for home buyers and sellers. Many of these firms run both, for example:

Downfalls of Automation

If you hate social media, then a simple service like those above that curate and generate content for you might be worthwhile, just to make you and your business look “alive”.

But the content is generally going to be generic. If you aren’t engaging yourself with your own brand and your own voice, you are not going to go far on social media.

If you are serious about social media as a cornerstone of your marketing and lead generation, I recommend curating the content yourself with social media platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite. You can then add your thoughts or your own twist on that content, making sure you are still authentic and build trust with your audience and potential clients.

Final word

There is help if you are embarrassed by your social media game. And there is help if social media is the beating heart of your business strategy and you want to get up to your elbows in it.