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Best Real Estate Brokerage Software

Are you ready to herd cats? Is your current cat herding software not cutting it?

Look no further!

Of course, by “cats”, I mean real estate professionals.

If you are a real estate broker or office manager with agents, a great office management tool is going to be critical.

There are a variety of real estate industry tools available for every size business and just about every priority. Some can serve as your entire brokerage presence, while others focus just on transaction tracking and commission management.

Welcome to the one stop shop to find the best real estate back office software!

Top Software

Back Office

$5/agent ($100/mo minimum). Formerly BackAgent, Back Office is a brokerage and franchise backend that includes transaction management and intranet tools. Their product includes brokerage email hosting, a brokerage market material hub, office event registration, and more. They joined the Propertybase family of products which includes the Propertybase CRM, Boston Logic websites, and BoldLeads paid lead capture.


$79+/mo Brokermint is a popular small brokerage backend. It includes transaction and commission tracking, an e-signature tool, compliance tools, an audit trail, and more.

CORE BackOffice

$99 + $1.50/agent per month. Formerly Brokersumo, CORE Back Office is a brokerage backend software that was acquired by Inside Real Estate as part of their family of tools that includes kvCORE (Kunversion) and Circlepix. It is robust for the price, including transaction and commission tracking, accounting tools, reporting, agent onboarding, Quickbooks integrations, and even ACH and agent billing features.

Lone Wolf Back Office

$TBD. Formerly BrokerWolf, Lone Wolf Back Office is the flagship product of Lone Wolf Technologies. Their solution is targeted at small to mid-sized brokerages and franchises. One of the oldest brokerage back office products, the design feels it, being quite a bit dated. But it is also one of the more comprehensive solutions, featuring accounting tools, license tracking, payroll, and a complement of other Lone Wolf products like TransactionDesk, Cloud CMA, and zipLogix.


$TBD. MoxiWorks is a brokerage suite of tools exclusively designed for large brokerages of 150+ agents. Their main backend product is MoxiEngage, a CRM for the brokerage. They have a full suite of tools that includes intranet, a CMA listing presentation, marketing tools, and agent retention and recruitment. They also offer MoxiCloud, a fully integrated platform that connects all your brokerage tools in one system.

Paperless Pipeline

$75+/mo. Paperless Pipeline is a simple brokerage transaction and commission tracking software. It doesn’t have some of the extra frills that other backends include, but is quick and easy to use for the critical functions: transaction and document compliance plus commission tracking and reporting.

Other Brokerage Software Options

There are a few more real estate back office software options in addition to those above, including:

  • BrokerBay
  • Cymbo
  • Emphasys
  • EOmni
  • Gryphtech
  • Guru Enterprises
  • LanTrax
  • Loft47
  • On Task Recruiter
  • RealtyBackOffice
  • Reeazily
  • RIO Genesis
  • TotalBrokerage
  • Zipi

Transaction Software

There is often a slim difference between brokerage tools and transaction software. I’ve split the two up based on their focus. But transaction tools like DotLoop might be a suitable real estate management tool.

  • DocuSign
  • DotLoop
  • Reesio
  • SkySlope
  • zipTMS

Recruiting Software

Some brokerage tools are focused on agent recruitment, marketing, and retention. That includes:

  • Konverse
  • OnTask Recruiter

Business Analysis

Still more tools are not designed as a brokerage backend, but rather add to brokerage business and data insights.

  • Buyside
  • Sisu

Accounting Software

Some real estate business accounting software includes small business accounting features.

  • Freshbooks
  • RealtyZam
  • Quickbooks
  • Xero

Property Management Software

Separate still is property management software for the “other half” of your brokerage business, including

  • AppFolio
  • Buildium
  • Propertyware
  • Yardi


Fully integrated platforms like CINC or kvCORE often have features suitable to managing your brokerage backend. Of course, kvCORE has purchased BrokerSumo and integrated it into their offering for a total solution.

If you want a single system that can potentially manage your website, CRM, lead capture, social media integration, marketing, commission tracking, and agent management, these platforms may have a sampling of everything.

Custom Brokerage Solutions

For larger enterprises looking for custom real estate broker software, there are several experienced real estate software developers.

Chetu is a major business software developer who serves real estate brokerages.

TRIBUS is another custom software solution focused on real estate brokerages.

Final word

Hopefully, that is a quality head start on your search for the best real estate brokerage software for your business.

If you are a smaller business with just a few agents, I actually recommend looking at some of the TMS software first. Many have some useful brokerage tools while still serving as a very robust transaction management solution. You can then grow into some of the dedicated broker back-office tools.