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Best Real Estate ISA Companies

A new contact just signed in on your website. A highly qualified lead requested more information about a house on Zillow. The first real estate agent to respond usually earns that customer’s business. This is where a real estate ISA can be beneficial.

But what if you are in a meeting? Driving? Showing homes? Sleeping? Those who get back a little later will watch their conversion rates plummet.

Enter the world of virtual ISAs or real estate inside sales agents. ISAs contact your leads and conduct a quick intake process, trying to set an appointment with your agent. This allows your agents to do their best: working with buyers and sellers face to face.

Virtual real estate ISA companies allow you to avoid hiring and training someone in-house but still benefit from the services of an ISA to qualify and route your leads.

Most ISAs are designed to handle inbound leads, but some can perform outbound sales functions like cold calling and telemarketing.

Top Real Estate ISAs


$399.95+/mo. AgentAssistant is an ISA service that will call your incoming leads for you. They classify these leads and try to set the appointment. They also offer a lead gen program where they call cold leads and arrange a warm handoff for those who convert.

Conversion Monster

$795+/mo. Conversion Monsters is a real estate internal sales agent (ISA) service that nurtures and qualifies leads on behalf of agents. Leads are handed off to agents as warm connections. The connect with leads via phone, text, and email, record calls, using scripts branded to your business.


~$1000+/mo. Rokrbox does more than appointment setting, and present themselves as a full-fledged lead nurturing service. They will contact new lead and nurture them, handing them off to an agent when they are 90 days out from the purchase. Consider Rokrbox if you are a mid-sized real estate team or larger looking to outsource your lead nurture and conversion.


$219+/mo. Ruby, formerly Ruby Receptionist, is a live answering service. They receive and route inbound calls, schedule appointments, and make outbound calls. Consider Ruby Receptionist if you want a team or small office receptionist solution with live humans instead of a robotic call routing service, or if you need Spanish speakers.

Smart Alto

$300+/mo. Smart Alto is a real estate ISA service integrated with website chat and text messaging. It is not AI but features live virtual assistants engaging clients in the chat with a promised 2-minute response time. It features numerous integrations including with Zapier, giving you a lot of flexibility in how you integrate it into your current tech stack.



$179+/mo. Structurely is a real estate AI internal sales agent (ISA) software designed to quickly engage new leads and contacts in your funnel. Structurely has a chatbot named Asia Holmes implemented into your website. Their service features both text and live chat. They have a respectable and growing number of direct integrations and supports the Spanish language.


$1000+/mo. Most of these other calling services are oriented toward inbound calls, but Upcall is primarily focused on outbound sales needs. Upcall features remote employees who will execute your prospecting campaigns. Consider Upcall if you want to outsource your outbound lead generation without having to hire a sales team.

~$1800+/mo. Formerly Agentology, is an enterprise level concierge/ISA service that follows up and nurtures your leads for a warm handoff. They will cultivate new inbound leads as well as past database leads, and serve as the concierge provider for third party real estate offerings like CINC.

Other Real Estate ISAs

Other real estates ISA and telemarketing services to consider include:

Not included are virtual assistant companies which hire part-time or even full-time employees for your business.

One significant difference between virtual assistant companies and ISA companies is that the latter often emphasizes fluent English more so than virtual assistant companies. VAs often may serve as admin, transaction managers, etc.

Database Marketers

Some companies focus on lead nurturing within your database and serve a similar function to ISAs. I’ve grouped these among the “database marketing” companies. Instead of responding to inbound and outbound lead generation, these companies look within your existing funnel, convert cold leads, and prospect within your database. is an example, formerly called Agentology.

Licensed or Unlicensed?

ISA means inside sales agent, and deciding whether a licensed ISA is important to you is a decision you must make upfront. Depending on your State’s rules, unlicensed ISAs might be more accurately described as “appointment setters,” unable to discuss real estate with prospective clients.

Often, a larger real estate team or brokerage might consider hiring a full-time inside sales agent so they can be licensed and have more flexibility on the phone. A licensed ISA can quickly jump-start a new prospect’s home buying or selling process with listing alerts or housing market information before the agent gets to their appointment.

Related to the licensed vs. unlicensed question is the concern over lost authenticity. Inbound leads might expect to hear from the agent or team leader, not a scripted ISA from a call center in a different state (or country).

A highly trained ISA should be able to conduct the warm handoff seamlessly with your real estate business so that there is no lost trust, but it will never be perfect.

Final word

Virtual ISAs solve one of the most significant pain points for Realtors and brokers: follow-up.

That said, it is not a magic bullet. The follow-up has to be seamlessly integrated with your brand and personality. Your ISA is the first impression of your business, and a bad one can lose customers.

Hopefully, some companies can help you scale your business affordably and efficiently while preserving your style and brand.