Best Companies for Real Estate Lists

Mail your neighborhood! Hit the phones!

You’ll hear this over and over again when starting. But there’s an obvious question.

Call who?

  • Expireds
  • Your sphere
  • Your neighbors
  • FSBOs

Okay, how?

Source lists for real estate or lead lists.

You don’t always have to pay for homeowner mailing lists. Some of it may be available via your MLS or add-ons like Realist. Or you may be able to get this from your broker.

Below is a list of lists: the best real estate lists for real estate agents and investors.

Top Software and Companies for Real Estate Lists



AgentPro247 is one of the most reputable real estate data sources out there. It offers a variety of resources to help real estate agents and investors research and find properties.

Cole Realty Resource

Cole Realty Resource

Cole Realty Resources is a reputable list service that is frequently used by real estate agents and brokers. Their data includes expired and withdrawn lists, as well as emails and phone numbers. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. Welcome to your one-stop-shop for reviews! has nationwide coverage, indeed the most



Landvoice's real estate lists can be easily added to a mailing service or into a dialer to prospect real estate leads. Their lists include phone numbers, so you can easily find and contact potential homebuyers.



ListSource is a great resource for real estate professionals looking for targeted neighborhood mailing lists. Their lists allow for hyper-targeted mailing lists based on demographics, geography, and property information. It's especially popular for real estate investors who use their lists to market their properties directly to potential buyers.



Realist is a powerful MLS add-on that provides subscribers with access to public record data on properties. With Realist, users can export up to 5000 records per month for use as a mailing list. This add-on is especially helpful for subscribers who want to research properties in specific geographic areas, demographics, and property types.



Rebogateway is a great resource for finding properties for sale and rent. They offer a wide range of products, including divorces, tax defaults, expired listings, FSBOs, notices of defaults, and more. Their tract utility feature makes it easy to find high-turnover tracts.


Several other list sources depending on your needs, including:

  • Exact Data
  • Melissa
  • Pipl
  • ProspectNow

FSBOs and Expireds from the Dialers

If you’re looking primarily to call expireds and FSBOs, most dialers also have lists you can get with their dialing software.

Dialers’ lists are not always the best. Some agents find the most dialing success by mixing and matching dialers with lists. For example, some agents will use the Mojo dialer with Cole Realty Resource.

Vulcan7 and Espresso Agent have well-reviewed FSBO and expired lists, for example.

Mail Campaigns

Is direct mail getting sexy again?

In the Internet age, direct mail’s death has been repeatedly foretold. But ironically, there may be additional opportunities as more advertising spending moves online. Your targeted homeowner’s mailbox may be less competitive than your Facebook feed.

There are a few options for turning your list of property addresses into mail pieces. Several allow you to purchase lists in their system as well.

  • ProspectsPlus
  • Quantum Digital
  • RealMailers

You can create a recurring mail campaign with these services. Some even have direct integrations with CRMs or data companies, like Quantum Digital and Black Knight.

Real Estate Investors

A popular prospecting technique for real estate investing is mailing “yellow letter” postcards to an absentee homeowner list. Investors often target absentee homeowners as likely landlords.

Alternatively, investors commonly use preforeclosure lists while they “drive for dollars,” checking in on distressed homeowners while scouring for unkempt, vacant homes that may be the early signs of a distressed homeowner.

Most list sources allow users to generate a list of absentee owner leads, though the owner information may not always be correct. Often public information is not updated when they have moved and turned their homes into rental properties. Expanding your list might be a way to find absentee owners slipping through other investors’ cracks.

Final word

Consistency is one of the most essential features of seeing results when doing direct mail or phone campaigns.

That means you must plan out your budget before investing in a real estate mailing list or phone dialer for your real estate business. Before evaluating its ROI, don’t invest in something you can’t maintain for at least a year.

And as with every lead generation tool, you need an airtight funnel in your CRM to ensure no property owners are falling through the cracks. Especially with mail, the ROI can be narrower, and you can’t afford to lose anyone to lousy follow-up.

For those ready to begin outbound marketing or supplement their current marketing with better data and automation, these are some solid real estate list companies on which to build your business!

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