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Best Real Estate Video Marketing Services

Video has been “the next big thing” since about 2011. And yet, in 2022, nothing has changed. Video is still one of the most engaging and under-utilized niches for real estate agents to gain a competitive edge via real estate video marketing.

Unfortunately, real estate video marketing can be intimidating. Few agents have the mix of technical and artistic skills necessary to make a quality video production.

Of course, some services help with that and make video marketing achievable and easy for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages. Here are a few of the best real estate video marketing companies for real estate professionals.

Top Real Estate Video Marketing Software and Services


FREE+. Animoto is sort of like a Canva for video. It makes creating simple and shareable videos very easy, with a significant stock and music library and the user-friendly tools to create animated videos. It is ideal for making housing trend reports, listing slideshows, and blog intros.


FREE+. BIGVU is a phone app the helps you create video directly on your phone. The app includes a teleprompter feature, auto-captions, music background, social media integration, some editing tools, and a video landing page.


$4.99+/mo. Magisto is a video editor that boasts AI to auto-generate short video clips with your content. It is an interesting option for anyone wanting to create short and easy to share videos, especially if you are interested in doing video on Vimeo.

Vyral Marketing

$625/mo and $1995 setup. Vyral Marketing is a done-for-you video marketing service. They interview you for two videos per month and help you brainstorm video marketing ideas. They then professionally edit that video into vlog, social media, YouTube, and website content that you can share, engage, and convert into customers. Included are lead generation features to help your videos capture buyers and sellers in your local market.

Other Video Marketing Tools

Other real estate video marketing services include:

  • CreatorUp
  • Fast Forward Stories
  • Next Edge Video
  • OpenReel
  • Slidely / Promo
  • Quickpage
  • Vscreen
  • Zoom

I don’t include services focused on listing videos you can find at places like Virtuance, Stilio, or HomeJab.

This also doesn’t include video-centric services like the email marketing service BombBomb.

This list doesn’t include DIY video software tools like Promo and Animaker.

Video Ideas and Tools

Need some inspiration? Check out agents making great videos at the core of their business. They have different strategies, from high-end Hollywood-level productions to low-tech authentic and personable video creation that still engages your customers.

Another resource for DIYers and someone who wants to outsource their video creation entirely is the Real Estate Marketing Dude. Not only does he do video, but does a podcast focused on digital marketing for agents.

If you are heavy on doing open house tours and some social media-friendly content, consider an affordable 3D camera. These are awesome for showcasing your listings (or other people’s) with an interactive experience personally branded to you!

Final word

Video content is not fading and is a significant marketing asset to real estate professionals. Consistent video creation will not only build your brand but is a way to stand out online.

Most agents neglect video, and even the major players like Zillow don’t have a niche, hyperlocal video content. Being a consistent video creator can be a great way to set yourself apart from agents who can’t keep pace consistently over the years.