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Kagent Review and Pricing

Kagent is a contactless open house sign-in software the relies on QR codes to capture open house visitors. It is free for the basic sign-in system, and includes premium follow-up surveys and contests to incentivize both attendance and accurate contact information. It includes a seller report, allowing them to follow feedback live, including visitor estimates of the final close price.

Kagent is a new company founded in 2019 with offices in Los Angeles and Boston.

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Best Features

Great UX

Kagent is easy-to-use both for agent and open house visitor.

Visitors can easily take a picture of the QR code (either available on a table or printed out prior to the open house), or enter the URL to access the sign in form.

The survey questions are texted to the user who can answer quickly in a single click.

The dashboard for agents is simple and intuitive, and you have control over some of the features like whether or not to ask if they are working with an agent. It will befuddle few.

What’s great about Kagent is it is optimized to do what you need from an open house: get quality, correct buyer leads and feedback for the seller.

Optimized for Actionable Seller Feedback and Follow Up

Visitors are entered into a $500 drawing offered by Kagent. They select winners once a month from all Kagent open house attendees. The drawing does two things for you: it gives you a selling point when advertising your open house, as well as incentivizes visitors to fill in their contact information correctly.

Ten minutes after visitors sign in they are prompted with a survey via text. The survey question are easily customizable, and will populate both to your own and a homeowner’s dashboard where they can view feedback and visitors in realtime.

No Accoutrements Necessary

One of the questions is “what do you think the home will sell for”. The software then presents the median response, which can be a great item to help inform both you and the seller on whether the home is over or underpriced. It’s a lot more actionable than the generic “do you think the home is underpriced, overpriced, or just about right”.

Open house leads populate cleanly into the dashboard and can be downloaded quickly via csv.

At the end of a survey or open house, visitors get a message thanking them with an easy call-to-action to set a date for a buyer consultation. You can easily send visitors to scheduling app like Calendly to get that done.

Unlike some competitors that may require a dedicated tablet at your open house, Kagent works on your visitors’ smart phones. Either by using the QR code or URL underneath, they will access the open house sign in sheet there.

Biggest Pitfalls

No Integrations

That makes this software easier to adopt for agents and eliminates the risk of visitors walking off with tablets.

Some open house software like Kleard boasts integrations with CRMs that will send open house leads directly to your database for follow-up action plans. Or, they may have action plans within their system.

Kagent is not a CRM, and doesn’t have those integrations yet. Instead, leads can be downloaded via csv and uploaded to your CRM manually.

There are no single property websites or pages with URLs.

Kagent Pricing*

  • FREE
  • $25/mo for Standard Plan
  • $50+/mo for the Enterprise Plan

Some competitors have these features to allow sharing and promoting open houses on social media, using the same open house form to collect leads while advertising your event.

The free plan includes all the tools you need for your open house, including unlimited open houses.

The upgraded Standard plan is $25/mo and includes survey questions for open house visitors and priority support.

The Enterprise plan is ~$50/mo and allows you to customize and brand the sign-in page.

*This is current to the best of my knowledge at the time of this writing. Contact the vendor directly to check current prices, discounts, and terms.

My Personal Recommendation

If you aren’t using software to run your open house already, you should use Kagent.

It is free, and the basic free tools are a sleek experience for your visitors and seller. It will immediately professionalize your offering over pen and paper alternatives. There isn’t anything you absolutely need the upgraded plan for, although teams and brokerages especially may be interested in the VIP option with custom branding.

It doesn’t have the listing marketing features of Spacio, or direct integrations to take leads to your CRM, but those are tasks an agent can reasonably easily duplicate with other tools or your website for free.

I personally never use QR codes, though experimented with it when testing out Kagent. While that part might not appeal to every open house visitor, the web address provided alternative is almost just as easy and won’t confuse anyone with a smartphone.

It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other open house software, but some of those, like Kleard, work on a dedicated device like a tablet, while Kagent works on visitor’s smart phones.



No Listing Marketing Tools

  • If you are using pen and paper for your open houses; Kagent is an easy-to-implement upgrade.
  • If you are using old, clunky apps for your open house software that require dedicated devices

Use Kagent if…

  • You want an open house software that is a complete listing marketing platform (consider Spacio).
  • You’re looking for an app designed not only for open houses but self-tours as well (consider Kleard).

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