» Best Real Estate ISA Companies Review and Pricing is a real estate inside sales agent (ISA) service that nurtures your leads for you. Leads are sent multichannel engagements to include texts as well as human contacts from’s team to provide you with a warm handoff. They can also do email and will cultivate your database of cold leads. was originally called Agentology before rebranding to appeal to multiple industries. It was founded in 2015, and headquartered in San Diego, CA.

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Best Features

Live Follow Up follows up with your inbound leads and database via live calls and text.

Conversations with new leads are initiated via text. Once contacted, leads are followed up with by US-based live conversations with their inside sales agents.

They can call cold databases of leads that have been collecting dust.

They can also handle your email marketing to contacts, though say most clients prefer for their CRM or other email marketing tools to manage email outreach. has its own templates and starting points for campaigns. But clients can customize their outreach when onboarding.

Targeted Toward Enterprises pricing is prohibitive for most individuals and small teams.

Once an affordable everyman product, managing accounts for agents who would turn on and off the product as their spending started and stopped, found a better ROI on their time by cultivating brokers and franchies who could then provide their offerings to member agents.

Use if…

If you are an individual agent who loves the idea, you may be limited to considering a brokerage that offers for brokerage generated leads. is an enterprise solution designed for teams and brokerages. Pricing begins around $1800.

*This is current to the best of my knowledge at the time of this writing. Contact the vendor directly to check current prices, discounts, and terms.

Agentology had a hugely positive reputation with real estate agents. It was regularly lauded in the Facebook real estate groups.

Biggest Pitfalls

Skip if…

So why the name change? Verse began serving more industries than real estate, like lenders, where the “agent” part didn’t make as much sense.

They’ve been following where demand is. Originally a referral network, they found that agents needed the most help following up with referrals. They sold the referral network to Boomtown and began this service for agents and it was so popular that it became the whole business. Over time they began focusing on larger teams, brokerages, and enterprises where monthly spending and needs are more consistent.

A caveat: I have not personally used, though I came very near to making the call when they were still Agentology.

But to me, the most effective endorsement of their services other than glowing reviews is that their service is trusted by other industry brands like CINC who use for their own concierge services. That is a strong endorsement! Pricing*

  • ~$1800+/mo for 250 leads
  • 12-month contract

If you are a broker, team leader, or sales manager looking to outsource a component of your follow up, is the subject matter expert and industry leader, and deserves your consideration. Compare to Rokrbox.



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My Personal Recommendation

  • You are a broker or team leader who gets at least 250 leads regularly every month and want to hand them off nurtured as warm leads to your team and agents
  • You are an individual agent or small team lead looking for a more affordable follow up system (consider Agent Legend)
  • You want an ISA focused on outbound calls (consider Upcall) Videos

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