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Mike Ferry’s organization is the godfather of real estate coaching (not to be confused with his son, Tom Ferry). His methods have been used by the best. His program features a variety of different ways to consume the training, including one one one coaching, events, training modules, and courses. He also offers coaching for mortgage professionals.

The Mike Ferry Organization was founded in 1975 and is located in Las Vegas, NV.

Best Features

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The basic one on one coaching is $650/mo and includes 40 coaching calls, a retreat ticket, sales kits, access to the Mike Ferry referral network, and discounts on the Las Vegas Prospecting Clinic.

The $1000/mo program features the One on One coaching with expanded event access.

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Mornings with Mike is $250/mo, featuring a 30 minute recorded call on Mondays with real estate advice and tips.

Mike Ferry also includes one-off training you can purchase ranging in price from $25 to $900, including things like 90 Days with Mike and audio from past events.

The Vault is $30/mo and features streaming access to Mike Ferry resources like the sales system and content.

There are also structured learning systems paid monthly on topics like the Buyer Agent System, The Prospecting System, The Assistant System, and the Recruiting System, ranging from $195-$325/mo.

*This is current to the best of my knowledge at the time of this writing. Contact the vendor directly to check current prices, discounts, and terms.

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Mike Ferry Pricing*

  • $650/mo for One on One Coaching
  • $1000/mo for Premier Coaching
  • $250/mo for Mornings with Mike
  • $25-900 for individual training modules
  • $30/mo for The Vault
  • $195-325 for Structured Learning Systems
  • 12-month commitment for coaching

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