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Best Real Estate Coaches

The world’s elite performers all have coaches. Athletes, CEOs, and musicians. The second set of experienced eyes can be invaluable in going from “good” to “great.”

Real estate agents are an especially coached-up demographic.

Almost all top-producing agents and brokers have coaches (and often become coaches themselves).

Coaches have slightly different strengths in sales, lead generation, or business systems.

Many also offer one-off training if you want access to their resources and knowledge without the commitment of a monthly bill.

If your business is ready to benefit from coaching (more on that below), here are some of the top real estate consultants and coaches you should consider!

Top Real Estate Coaches

Buffini and Company

$264+/mo. Buffini and Company is a well established real estate coaching company that boasts it is the largest coaching and training company in North America. Their program offers one on one coaching, training, as well as recruiting training. Buffini also has the Referral Maker PRO marketing system and Referral Maker CRM. Brian Buffini also hosts the Brian Buffini show, a regular podcast.

Corcoran Coaching

$650+/mo. Bob Corcoran is a fixture of the real estate coaching scene, coaching many of the top team leads and brokers in America. His company offers a variety of coaching services targeting real estate professionals at every stage of their career. They also provide coaching and consulting for mortgage professionals.

Craig Proctor

$995+/mo. Craig Proctor runs a well known coaching service with a focus on seminars. He hosts periodic 3-day seminars throughout the country at which he demonstrates and sells his total coaching package that includes a website, tools, and more.

Mike Ferry

$650+/mo. Mike Ferry’s organization is the godfather of real estate coaching (not to be confused with his son, Tom Ferry). His methods have been used by the best. His program features a variety of different ways to consume the training, including one one one coaching, events, training modules, and courses.

Tim and Julie Harris

$101+mo. Tim and Julie Harris are a married real estate coaching duo and prolific podcasters, hosting the daily Tim and Julie Harris podcast. Their coaching includes flexible prices and access to a library of training, scripts, and more.

Tom Ferry

$749+/mo. Tom Ferry has one of the top names in real estate, coming from a real estate family (real estate coach Mike Ferry is his father). Tom charted his own path and has a prolific coaching business. In addition to his coaching business, he has a busy YouTube channel, podcast, coaching events, and even his own software solution.

Workman Success Systems

$800+/mo. Workman Success Systems is a real estate coaching company. Their name explains their coaching focus: systems. Their coaching includes access to training and materials like BAM (Buyer Agent Mastery), SLAM (Seller Listing Agent Mastery), AMP (Admin Mastery Program), and RAMP (Rising Agent Mastery Program). Their coaching program includes one on one coaching, live calls, webinars, and the Leverage event.


$297+/mo. Kevin Ward is ubiquitous on YouTube and an established real estate sales coach. Ward wrote The Book of Yes: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide. Ward provides additional paid courses as well as live mastery calls and group training.


  • BrokerageUp!
  • Greg Luther
  • Goodfellow Coaching and Consulting Inc.
  • Jared James Enterprises
  • Krista Mashore
  • Learn with Lee
  • Liz Bentley Associates
  • Metrix Coaching and Training
  • The Floyd Wickman Team
  • Real Estate Mavericks
  • Real Life Real Estate Training
  • Richard Robbins
  • Robertson Coaching International
  • Your Coaching Matters


The schools that offer real estate licensing and continuing education courses are not included in this list.

Video Training

Many coaches have the training, podcasts, and active YouTube channels. Below are some trainers not included above with a strong YouTube presence and coaching or training programs.

These are channels worth subscribing to and learning from, regardless of your coaching decision!

When is it Time for a Coach?

I heard a lot of advice that getting a coach is never too soon. If you’re serious about real estate, a coach will get you from point A to B much faster and return a high ROI on the cost, so the thinking goes. Just one more deal a month …

I’m not sure I agree.

The same principle as applies to selecting real estate software applies to selecting a real estate coach.

There are no silver bullets.

You shouldn’t be getting a coach out of desperation. You shouldn’t get a coach because you think it will solve your problems.

New agents don’t know what they don’t know. There is a tremendous amount of free resources and sales training online. There are dozens of quality podcasts. Agents should explore and learn independently before knowing which coaching company is the best fit.

Real estate is still a scrappy business, and I think many agents are best off spending as little as possible early.

You can source some coach benefits like accountability and mentorship from your brokerage.

That’s just my opinion.

Instead, if you have been in the business a year or two, know your strengths and weaknesses, and are making more money than you need to pay your bills, then maybe it’s time. Coaching will take you from “good” to “great,” not “bad” to “better.” Get “good” first.

If you are on a team, you might want to check out one of the programs that offer group coaching. The team can test a coach out and share the costs.

Final word

Wherever you are in your career in real estate, these coaches should be on your radar. Most have free information you should be consuming, and you can start early learning which ones match your needs and which ones do less so.