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Realtyzam Review and Pricing

Realtyzam is a cloud-based accounting software designed specifically for real estate agents. It is lightweight and easy-to-use. It can link your bank account and credit cards to help automatically track and classify your income and expenses. It has simple reporting features allowing you to track your average commission, sale price, and more metrics.

Realtyzam is a tiny company located in Grand Blanc, MI and founded in 2014. They also have a similar product for landlords with similar features called RentalHero.

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Best Features

Easy to Use

By far, Realtyzam’s standout feature is its simplicity and great user interface (UI). Adding and updating transactions is a cinch. Your current deals and stages are prominently displayed. Usability is the most important attribute in an office software, and Realtyzam has usability in spades.

Realtyzam also includes a free mobile app that is as easy to use as the software itself.

Easily link up your bank account and credit card so that Realtyzam automatically pulls in your business expenses, creating a complete expense log. You can then automatically or manually classify your business expenses so that you have full visibility of where your money is going.

From this and your commission information, Realtyzam creates a profit and loss (P&L) statement for you with all your tax-deductible expenses. Just hand it off to your accountant when it’s tax time!

Unlike every other accounting software I am aware of outside of brokerage software, Realtyzam is specifically designed for agents. That means it doesn’t have extra frills like credit card processing that agents don’t need.

Bank Account Integration

Instead, it is ready out-of-the-box for you to input transactions (listings or buyers), note commissions, set up your brokerage splits, track your average commission, and keep on top of your real estate business numbers.

While it is able to pull from agents’ bank accounts and categorize and track their expenses, it does not have any mileage tracking features.

Designed for Real Estate

You’ll need to look elsewhere from someone like Hurdlr to get those features.

Realtyzam is perfect for a single agent or a small team. But it is not designed for teams, team management, HR functions, payroll, or anything else that more advanced accounting tools will have.

Don’t even bother if you are a brokerage.

Realtyzam is $9.95/mo billed annually, or $12/mo billed monthly.

Biggest Pitfalls

No Mileage Tracking

They offer a free trial for 30 days.

*This is current to the best of my knowledge at the time of this writing. Contact the vendor directly to check current prices, discounts, and terms.

I love Realtyzam. I use it personally and have since 2016.

It is a fantastic product. I don’t know how it hasn’t blown up by now. They should be raking in the dough.

Realtyzam Pricing*

  • $9.95/mo billed annually
  • 30-day trial

The UI is amazing. The best real estate product user interfaces I have encountered, in my opinion, is a toss-up between Realtyzam and the now-defunct Reesio, the transaction management software.

Too many agents don’t know how many transactions they’ve done year-to-date. Or their total gross commission YTD. Or net income. Or expenses. Are you profitable? How much?

Realtyzam will ensure you have the answer to those questions at all times. It is such an easy solution for the average agent to pick up and stay on top of those questions. Print an easy P&L for your tax man at the end of the year. Voila. Done.

Interestingly, I also use Quickbooks. Theoretically, I could use Quickbooks for all my accounting needs. But Realtyzam is so good that it is still my preferred platform to track my sales activity, closings, and commissions. Quickbooks serves as my platform where I can track my miles and do payroll.

My Personal Recommendation



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Not Designed for Teams and Brokers

  • You don’t have any other accounting solution and are tracking your income in Excel, or not at all
  • You are an individual agent or small team

Use Realtyzam if…

  • You want a single solution that can do all your accounting needs including mileage tracking (consider QuickBooks)

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